Fines Recovery Plants | How To Fix The Breakdowns

At present, one of the problems facing the production of artificial sand is that the loss of fine sand is serious, some even more than 20%, which not only causes the loss of enterprises, environmental pollution, but also affects the gradation of sand, and the fineness modulus is much coarse, so as to reduce the quality.

Therefore, the importance of fines recovery plants is self-evident. However, many problems inevitably occur in the production, 12 common breakdowns and solutions of fines recovery plants are below:

fines recovery plant

1. Sudden Reduction or Leakage of Sand

If the recovery of fine sand is significantly reduced or a small amount of sand leakage is found in operation, it is necessary to check whether the screen is broken or the bolts of the fixed screen are loosened. So in the face of this situation, its treatment method is to change the screen or fasten the bolt.

screen mesh

2. Frame Vibration

After working for a period of time, during the continuous vibration, the bolts on the connecting frame loosened or the bolts on the bearing seat loosened, the elimination method is to tighten the bolts and check carefully.

3. Noise in Work

When you find that there is a lot of noise in the transmission, it is caused by the change of gear spacing. The general way to deal with this problem is to add enough grease while adjusting the reducer bolts and tightening them.

In addition, bearing damage and screen plate frame fracture will also produce noise, this need to replace bearings or sieve plate frame.

4. Blockage of High Pressure Pump

Generally, there are impurities in the mud. Be careful not to let excessive impurities into the mud. It is better to connect the outlet of the dewatering screen directly to the inlet and outlet of the fines recovery plants, so as to prevent the impurities from blocking the high-pressure pump.

5. Material Deviation

The causes of material deviation may be as follows: 1) two motors running in the same direction; 2) one of the motors is damaged, at this time the following measures can be taken: ① adjusting one motor to make two motors run in reverse; ② replacing the damaged motor.

6. Screening Machine Swaying Laterally

The reasons may be as follows: 1) the angle of eccentric block at both ends of the vibration source is different; 2) the spring is uneven or damaged. Corresponding measures are taken: ① adjusting the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibration source with the same phase and angle; ② replacing or selecting the spring.

7. No Pumping

When the pump does not come out of water, check whether the intake pipeline is leaking or blocked, and then repair the leaking part or clean up the blocked part.

8. Fault of Reducer

If it is not maintained in time, the shaft of fines recovery plant does not reach the required parallelism with the low-speed shaft of reducer, which is very easy to cause gear damage. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel and regulate it in time to make it work normally.


9. Seal Ring Failure

Damage or oil breakage of sealing rings can easily cause bearing damage. The reason for this failure is that there is no maintenance and cleaning for a long time, so it is necessary to refuel according to the stipulations, and change the sealing rings in time.

seal rings

10. Frame Damage

Although the machine is made of iron, it also needs to be cared for. Here we remind you that we must do timely and effective maintenance, as far as possible to extend the service life.

11. Bearings Are Easily Damaged

The appearance of this phenomenon is a serious problem, which indicates that the bearing of the equipment has been broken or the seal ring has been damaged by unknown factors. It may also be caused by the long-term lack of maintenance and repair. The Main elimination method is to refuel or replace the new seal ring according to the regulations, and to clean and maintain the bearing regularly.

12. Power Burning

It is very likely that water will spill out when fines recovery plants work, so the power supply must have a protective shield.

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