Jaw Crusher VS Cone Crusher | Which Is The Better Crusher

In the makrket, two most popular aggregate crushing equipments include: Cone Crusher vs Jaw Crusher. Although the cone crusher and jaw crusher are used to crush materials, what is the difference between the two crushers?

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher has a moving jaw plate and a fixed jaw plate, which are wear-resistant and pressure resistant. During the operation, the jaw plate simulates animal occlusion, and the feeding port is large, so it is very suitable to deal with the coarse crushing of large block materials;

movable jaw plate

Advantages of Jaw Crusher

  • Wide Application: It can crush many kinds of stones, and the common pebbles and limestone can be primary crushed by the jaw crushers;
  • Small Size, Small Floor Area: Unlike other crusher equipments, the jaw crusher is also convenient for installation due to its small size, and the infrastructure site used is also small, which can save a lot of site costs.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher, with various types, large processing capacity range, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, which is suitable for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.

movable cone

Advantages of Cone Crusher

  • Automatic Discharge: When the material enters into the deep crushing chamber, it can discharge automatically after crushing.
  • Remote Intelligence: The hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with remote control chip in the production, which can be operated by remote button.

What’s The Difference Between Jaw Crusher and Cone Crusher

1. Different Working Principle

jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher: The crushing chamber of jaw crusher is composed of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. The fixed jaw plate is fixed vertically on the fuselage body, and the movable jaw plate is in the inclined position. The movable jaw plate continuously moves to the fixed jaw plate periodically. When the two jaw plateare close, the material is crushed by extrusion. When the movable jaw plate is far away, the broken material slides down and is discharged from the crushing chamber.

For large jaw crusher, the feed port is larger than 600mm, for medium crusher, it is 300-600mm, and for small crusher, it is smaller than 300mm

cone crusher

Cone Crusher: The motor of the cone crusher drives the transmission shaft to drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate, and the movable cone swings back and forth under the force of the eccentric sleeve, the movable cone is periodically close to and far away from the fixed cone, and repeatedly extrudes and impacts the material until the material meeting the requirements falls to discharge from the crushing chamber.

The common cone crushers on the market are divided into: Single Cylinder Cone Crusher, Multi Cylinder Cone Crusher, Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Movable Cone Crusher.

2. Adapt To Different Material

Jaw crusher can deal with the materials with high moisture content and high viscosity without blocking.

Cone crusher is not suitable for crushing viscous materials containing moisture.

3. Different Feeding Method

The jaw crusher requires that the ore feeding must be even and not full, the materials in the jaw crusher chamber shall not exceed 2/3 of the crushing chamber height.

The cone crusher can feed the ore with full load. It can be directly fed materials without vibration feeder.

4. Different Final Cost

The gyratory body of cone crusher is higher, twice or three times of jaw crusher, and the workshop cost is larger. The weight of cone crusher is larger than that of jaw crusher with the same output by 1-2 times, so the equipment cost is higher. The installation and maintenance of cone crusher is more complicated than jaw crusher.

Cone Crusher vs Jaw Crusher

How To Choose Right Crusher

Model300T/H Jaw Crusher300T/H Cone Crusher
Max Feed Size630mm215mm
Discharge Port80-140mm25-50mm

When Choosing the coarse crushing equipment, the ore properties, the size requirements of the finished products and the scale of the aggregate plant should be considered.

Therefore, when crushing hard rocks and long rocks, the cone crusher should be preferred. This design is more favorable. When wet and viscous ore is crushed, or medium, small concentrators, jaw crushers are suitable.

The weight of cone crusher with the same output is about twice that of jaw crusher, so the cost of civil engineering and later maintenance is higher, but the cone crusher has deep crushing cavity, large capacity and low energy consumption.


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