8 Tips Help To Maintain Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is associated with a higher technical content than conventional crushing machines. Cone crusher allows crushing and machining of many kinds of materials and is highly productive. The cone crusher machine is the mainstay of contemporary crushing equipments, and users’ satisfaction with it is also quite high.

To allow the use of cone crusher to last longer, we take care of care during our usual use. So how should the cone crusher be maintained? A detailed description of the maintenance approach to the cone crusher is given below:

crusher machine

1. When the material to be broken is wet or has a large moisture content, the retaining bolts that secure the dust sealing skid should be checked frequently;

2. To be produced at full load, otherwise, the phenomenon of gross product granulation occurs;

3. To change the lubricating oil frequently, if the lubricating oil is too dirty it will accelerate the wear of gear and bowl watts, axonal sleeves and so on, even make the axonal jacket study dead;

4. The fixation condition of the slip ring to be checked frequently, prevent the dust sealing box the slip ring from falling off causing a lot of dust and mineral sand into the equipment leads to failure;

5. There is water in the oil of cone crusher, which causes the oil tank to rise in oil level. The water pressure is adjusted slightly less than the pressure for this condition, the leaky site is repaired, the amount of water administered is adjusted, and the oil is replaced.

6. Before the multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is put into use, the components, pipelines and other systems of the hydraulic system need to be thoroughly cleaned, and the worn parts need to be replaced and repaired.

7. Check the flatness of the cone crusher surface, and replace the unqualified parts or deviated parts in time.

8. According to the actual operation condition of cone crusher, check the wear of cone sleeve and straight sleeve every month, check whether the dust-proof water channel is unblocked, and check the hydraulic station, oil pump, oil pressure and oil quality.

Maintenance of cone crusher is something more trivial, but it is these usual trivial things that affect the proper functioning and service life of the equipment.

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