PU Screen Panel vs Rubber Screen Panel

Polyurethane screen panels and rubber screen panels are widely used in vibration screening equipment. They are mainly used for screening various materials, whether dry or wet, and can be effectively screened.

Polyurethane screen panels and rubber screen panels each have their own characteristics and application ranges. When selecting, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as actual screening needs, material properties, and working environment to select the most suitable type of sieve plate.

pu screen vs rubber screen

The main differences between polyurethane sieve plates and rubber sieve plates are as follows:

1. Material

The pu screen panel is made of polyurethane material, while the rubber screen panel is made of rubber material.

Rubber is made of latex. Some non rubber components in latex remain in solid natural rubber. Generally speaking, natural rubber contains 92% -95% of rubber hydrocarbons, while non rubber hydrocarbons account for 5% -8%. The moisture content of the dry adhesive shall not exceed 1%.

The main raw materials of polyurethane are organic polyisocyanates and hydroxyl terminated compounds.

2. Wear Resistance

Polyurethane sieve plates have excellent wear resistance and can withstand high frequency and high amplitude friction and impact. In contrast, rubber sieve plates have poor wear resistance and are prone to wear.

3. Temperature Resistance

Polyurethane sieve plates have good temperature resistance and can maintain stability in their physical properties at higher temperatures. However, the temperature resistance of rubber sieve plates is relatively poor, and they are prone to aging and deformation at high temperatures.

4. Elastic

The rubber screen plate has good elasticity and can absorb impact and vibration, which has a good effect on reducing noise and vibration transmission. In contrast, polyurethane screen plates have poor elasticity but higher rigidity and load-bearing capacity.

5. Corrosion Resistance

Polyurethane screen panel have good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of various chemical substances. The rubber screen panel may experience adverse reactions such as expansion and dissolution under the action of certain chemicals.

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