Loader Maintenance Checklist [Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly]

Loader is one of the most commonly used heavy machinery in highway construction. In order to make the service life of the loader longer, it is necessary to repair and maintain the loader at different stages. So what kind of maintenance should be carried out in different periods? Here is a list of the regular maintenance checklists of the loader.

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Loader Maintenance Checklist Details [Daily, monthly, Yearly] [PDF Download]

Checklist 1: Daily Maintenance (every 10 hours)

The maintenance of the loader is indispensable every day. Check the loader before carrying out the construction operation. The daily maintenance list has the following five points:

  • (1) check whether there is oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage before leaving the car.
  • (2) check the level of engine oil, coolant and hydraulic oil.
  • (3) make sure that there is no loosening problem in the fastener of the loader.
  • (4) Inspection of tire pressure and damage, lighting and instrumentation.
  • (5) fill the hinge point of the loader with butter.

Checklist 2: Weekly Maintenance (every 50 hours)

What are the weekly maintenance items of the loader?
  • (1) check whether the oil level and amount of oil in the gearbox is sufficient.
  • (2) check the variable speed control system and throttle control.
  • (3) Inspection of transmission shaft bolts before and after fastening.
  • (4) the inspection of the engine intake pipe and the cleaning of the air filter element.
  • (5) the inspection of foot brake and hand brake and the oil quantity of brake booster.

Checklist 3: Semi-monthly Maintenance (every 100 hours)

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Semi-monthly maintenance of loaders, the inspection of oil products is still very important, here are four more important items:

  • (1) change the gearbox oil every 600 hours after the running-in period.
  • (2) change the engine oil every 600 hours after the running-in period.
  • (3) check the fastening of wheel rim, brake disc bolt and bridge bolt of loader.
  • (4) check the liquid level of the battery and apply Vaseline to the battery terminal.

Checklist 4: Monthly Maintenance (every 200 hours)

Each month is a small cycle of maintenance, and the inspection items that need to be carried out are as follows:

  • (1) timely cleaning of diesel oil, engine oil and gearbox oil filter.
  • (2) timely cleaning of the air filter to determine whether it is necessary to replace it.
  • (3) whether there are cracks in the loading arm, bucket and frame.
  • (4) check the tightness of generator and fan belt.
  • (5) the tire pressure is measured as 0.27~0.31Mpa.
  • (6) Inspection of oil level of front and rear axles.

Checklist 5: Quarterly Maintenance (every 600 hours)

Taking a quarter as a unit, the inspection and maintenance of the loader should have the following five points:

  • (1) replacement of engine oil, gearbox oil, oil filter and diesel oil filter.
  • (2) regular replacement of front and rear axle gear oil every 1000 hours after the running-in period.
  • (3) cleaning of stolen goods on the surface of water tank and radiator.
  • (4) cleaning of the oil absorption filter of the diesel oil tank.
  • (5) check the engine valve clearance.

Checklist 6: Half-yearly Maintenance (every 1200 hours)

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When the loader has been in use for half a year, the maintenance can not be left behind at this time, there are five items that should be checked:

  • (1) cleaning of oil filter and fuel tank and replacement of hydraulic oil.
  • (2) carefully check the running condition of the engine.
  • (3) carefully check the working condition of the hydraulic system.
  • (4) carefully check the performance of the brake system and change the brake oil.
  • (5) carefully check the performance of the steering system.

Checklist 7: Yearly Maintenance (every 2400 hours)

Finally, let me tell you what kind of maintenance should be carried out each year:

  • (1) the engine should be inspected according to the instructions.
  • (2) the gearbox and torque converter should be checked for disintegration.
  • (3) the front and rear bridges should also be disintegrated.
  • (4) Inspection of welds in various parts of the loader.

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