Distinguish: Preshrinking | Water Wash | Sand Wash | Frosted

Engaged in the textile industry are sure to encounter this situation, many customers get the spot found with the original feel different, so why not? Generally, it is because of preshrinking, water wash, sand wash or frosted. So what’s the difference between preshrinking, water wash, sand wash and frosted ?



It is also called mechanical preshrinking that physical method is used to reduce the shrinkage of fabric after soaking.

Preshrinking is mainly to control the warp shrinkage of the fabric. The warp shrinkage of the fabric before preshrinking is generally 7-8%. After preshrinking, the normal warp shrinkage of the fabric is required to reach 3% of the national standard.

Water Wash

Water Wash is to add softener or detergent into the water to directly wash the fabric. According to the washing time and the amount of softener, it is generally divided into: light wash, general wash and heavy wash. And the effect after washing is that the fabric will become very soft, very feel, and there will be an illusion that the fabric will become thicker.

Sand Wash

Sand wash is similar to water wash, but the additives are different. Generally, alkaline or oxidizing additives are added to sand wash, and of course, some softeners will be added appropriately. The basic additives are added to destroy the structure of the fabric surface and make the fabric feel softer after sand wash. Then the fabric surface will have some fluff and a light white fog.

Therefore, after sand wash, the fabric will become soft and fluffy, and the fabric will have an illusion of thickening. However, such fabric is easy to split, and it may break if pulled gently. We generally do not recommend sand wash for thin fabric.


Generally speaking, Frosted is a process of making the original smooth object become unsmooth, and making light shine on the surface to form diffuse reflection. For example, frosted glass makes it opaque, and frosted leather makes it less shiny than ordinary leather.

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