Silica Sand Processing Solutions

Silica sand is processed by crushing, screening and washing of natural quartz ore. It is mainly used in glass industry, foundry industry, condiment field, metal silicon production and electronic industry.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the demand for silica sand production is increasing day by day, which brings about higher requirements for silica sand production technology.

Silica sand processing includes coarse silica sand processing and high purity silica sand purification. Now, introduce the 2 kinds of silica sand processing solutions:

coarse silica sand

1. Coarse  Silica Sand Processing

Ore Sorting → Rinse → Primary Crushing → Secondary Crushing → Sand Making → Grading & Dewatering → Scrubbing → Secondary Iron Removal → Dewatering + Slurry Adjustment + Flotation (Iron Removal) → Dewatering + Slurry Adjustment + Flotation (Mica Removal) → Dewatering + Slurry Adjustment + Flotation (Feldspar Removal) → Clean → Dewatering

2. High Purity Silica Sand Purification

(The following operations are performed on the basis of coarse silica sand)

Acid leaching → Deionized Washing → Dry → Packing

silica sand

Basic Flow of Coarse Silica Sand Production Line

silica process

1. Silica sand is fed into the feeder by forklift truck. Belt conveyor is placed at the tail of the feeder. Silica sand from the tail is conveyed by belt conveyor to jaw crusher for primary crushing.

2. The coarse material produced by primary crushing is transported by conveyor to fine crusher for further crushing. The fine crushed material enters the vibrating screen to screen out two kinds of materials, the quartz stones that meet the feed size of the sand making machine fed into sand machiens, The return materials that do not meet the feed requirements return for fine crushing.

3.Part of the quartzite that fed into sand machine becomes silica sand. After washing by sand washer (optional) and recycling by fines recovery unit, finished quartz sand achieved. The other part of the quartzite return for crushing again.

More details about the silica sand procssing solutions, you may need to read the following article:


  1. Swayam Agrawal says:

    I took a quartz mines in lease and I want to make quartz sand from quartz stone. I want the complete details about the machineries used in this process and cost.

    1. beidoou says:

      ok sir, we will contact you for the silica sand processing plant.

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