10 + Troubles and Troubleshooting of Hydrocyclones

For hydrocyclones, the troubles that often occur include abnormal super-granularity, failure to reach the cut point, unstable performance, blockage and so on. Below are 10+ troubles about hydrocyclones and the troubleshooting.


Trouble 1: Hydrocyclone Vibration Violently


  • If empty suction occurs, use the suction pipe.
  • Large amount of material, change the feed/hydrocyclone parameters;
  • Linear layout, control entrance;
  • The overflow pipe is deformed and the overflow pipe is replaced;
  • Local blockage in the hydrocyclone, stop and check.

hydrocyclone manufacture

Trouble 2: low Underflow Density


  • If the hydrocyclone is not fed correctly, replace the discharge nozzle/overflow pipe;
  • The size of the discharge nozzle is incorrect, use the correct size discharge nozzle.

Trouble 3: Abnormal Over-Granularity


  • Underflow nozzle is worn seriously, so replace the suitable underflow nozzle.
  • If the feeding density is too high, check the blockage;
  • Feed reverse flow, replace easy-to-grind parts.

Trouble 4: Hydrocyclone Blockage

hydrocyclone system


  • The mismatched material enters the hydrocyclone and checks the sieve hole.

Trouble 5: Unstable Performance


  • Uneven distribution of materials, the use of the correct distributor;
  • Blockage, check for blockage.

Trouble 6: Cannot Reach Cut Point


  • The feed size is incorrect, replace the feed/hydrocyclone parameters.

Trouble 7: High Wear Rate


  • The flow rate is too large-the pressure drops too much, change the feeding condition or hydrocyclone parameters;
  • 2-stage operation / need large size hydrocyclone, change hydrocyclone parameters;
  • The wearability of the incoming material is high, and the manufacturing material should be replaced.

Trouble 8: Unstable Operating Pressure

desander hydrocyclone


  • The pump and the hydrocyclone are unbalanced, isolate the hydrocyclone to achieve a stable operating pressure or reset the pump speed.

Trouble 9: No Fan Flow is Formed.


  • large coal amount and foaming coal proportion, reduce the carrying coal;
  • Unreasonable pressure setting, adjust pump frequency;
  • Feed pump opening small, open the valve;

Trouble 10: Underflow With Too Many Materials


  • Cut off the solid feed and replace it with a large discharge nozzle;
  • Check whether the discharge nozzle and feed pipe are blocked.

Trouble 11: Overflow Occurs


  • The pipeline of the follow-up system is limited or blocked, and the restriction is cancelled.
  • Check the angle of the line and the size of the line in the discharge area.


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