What is Rotary Scrubber and How Does It Work

What is Rotary Scrubber

Rotary scrubber named as drum scrubbing machine or drum stone scrubber is a special washing equipment for cleaning large materials that difficult to wash.

Drum stone scrubber has three functions: scrubbing, cleaning and screening. The maximum feed size can reach 200 mm. It mainly carries out preliminary cleaning for raw ore.

The equipment has a large processing capacity, which solves the cleaning of raw ore with high impurity content and mud, and creates favorable conditions for subsequent separation operations.

rotary scrubber

How Rotary Scrubbers Work

The rotary scrubbers are supported by four trunnion rollers, and usally installed horizontally or inclined 3-6 degree. When working, the cylinder rotates at a low speed with the motor and reducer driving the large and small gears.

The ore containing mud and stone powder is fed from the feed inlet through the feeding device, and the ore entering the rotary drum is washed by the high-pressure water, materials are constantly lifted, dropped, stirred, so that the ore and mud are completely separated. After fully cleaning, the ore is discharged through spiral discharge liners, the mud content of the ore can be lower than 0.5%, and the water content is lower than 2%.

drum scrubber

Optional trommel screen extensions can be added to the end of cylinder provide primary product separation, screening and dewatering processes.


  1. jeet says:

    Requirement for two rotary scrubbers to clean mineral like quartz stones.
    Are these scrubbers installed with manganese harder plates for make sure the stones dont take pebble formation

    1. beidoou says:

      ok, Mr jeet!

      We will contact you for the rotary scrubbers details.

  2. Vicente C. says:


    We need a rotary scrubber for aggregates industry (silica/quartz), to process around 100 tph.


    1. beidoou says:

      ok sir, thank you for your inquiry, we will contact you

  3. Akshay says:

    I want scrubber for iron ore 500 tph

    1. beidoou says:

      OK, Mr Akshay,

      Thanks for your inquiry, we will contact you by the email

  4. Rajendra Prasad says:

    We need a rotary scrubber for steel slag applications. Capacity 250 TPH

    1. beidoou says:

      Sorry Sir, the rotary scrubber we recommend is mainly used for aggregates or minerals.

  5. Rajendra Prasad N says:

    Require rotory drum for cleaning slag from steel scrap in steel slag processing

  6. Benmarc Negre says:

    Hi! We need a rotary scrubber for gold milling applications. We operate at 3000 TPD. Ideally, we operate our crushing circuit, 16 hours per day.

    1. beidoou says:

      Hello Benmarc Negre,

      Thanks for your comment on the beidoou.com, we will ask the manufacturer of rotary scrubber to contact you.

      1. Borse B.A. says:

        R /sir, we are already supply Rotary screen scrubber machine to Causmag international, Young NSW, Australuya.in 2017. We are design base project engineering company. We Design, manufacturing, erection & commissining. We supply Ritary scrubber dai.3200×5000 long. With base frame dirve assembly. Scrubber plate 16 thk Hardox450 plate. Screen size is dia. 6.5 m.m., 25 m.m & 75 m.m. 4 roller & 2 tyre. Split 4 inch sprocket dive. Lifter & automatically discharge

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