Portable Sand Plant VS Fixed Sand Plant

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the demand for stones and sand is also increasing, and the investment in sand plants is hot. For a sand plant, scientific process design and reasonable equipment configuration are essential.

At present, there are roughly two kinds of sand plants in the market, portable and fixed. So what are the differences and advantages between the two?

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Portable Sand Plant is a new scientific sand and stone treatment process in recent years. Its main advantages are that the sand plants can be transferred at any time, the equipment configuration is relatively flexible, and compared with the fixed sand plant, it has stronger adaptability and flexibility to the environment. At present, such schemes are increasing.

Fixed Sand Plant is a kind of traditional sand and stone treatment technology, which has the advantages of high production capacity, good quality of sand and stone, stable production line, etc., but the disadvantage is that it involves a series of complex problems such as installation, foundation construction, site planning and design, which is not suitable for frequent migration.

Portable Sand Plant and Fixed Sand Plant’s difference mainly lies in the scope of application, treatment effect, input cost, future prospect, etc.

Application Scope

Fixed Sand Plant is suitable for large-scale and long-term field use. Generally, it has a permanent fixed connection with the ground. After sand plant is completed, it will be used permanently.

Portable Sand Plant is not limited by the environment, and there is no complex foundation construction, mechanical installation and other links in the early stage. It is mainly used for small plant area, and the sand plant which needs to be relocated frequently.

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Treatment effect

Once the equipments are installed, the Fixed Sand Plant will deals with the same type of materials, so the crushing effect is relatively single. When replacing other materials, the process needs to be readjusted.

Portable Sand Plant equipments can be configured flexibly. If it is necessary to transfer to different sand plants, handle different materials and adjust different gradations, it is only necessary to match different equipments. More intelligent operation and flexible processing advanteges than of the Fixed Sand Plant.

Input Cost

Compared with the Fixed Sand Plant, the investment cost of the Portable Sand Plant will be higher, but compared with the fixed line, the integrated structural design reduces the time and labor cost of concrete foundation, steel frame foundation, equipments installation and debugging, in fact, the cost of the two is almost the same.

Future Prospects

From the perspective of environmental protection, the Portable Sand Plant may be better. After all, the transportable and modular production line can effectively reduce material transportation, reduce secondary pollution, and more suitable for environmental protection requirements.

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