Wet Sand Making VS Dry Sand Making

In recent years, with the limitation of natural sand mining and the scarcity of resources, artificial sand has gradually become the mainstream of the market.

But in the process of stone processing, because of the intense collision and the stone itself has a certain amount of soil, the artificial sand contains a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder, thus affecting the gradation of artificial sand.

In order to solve the problem of silt content, wet sand making and dry sand making is developed.

Wet Sand Making & Dry Sand Making

In short, sand washing plant is equiped with sand washers and the stone power will be washed away in the process, this method is called wet sand making. It is more suitable for rainy and water-rich areas.
wet sand making
Using flour separator, the method of separating sand and powder is called dry sand making, which is more suitable for water shortage areas, where environmental protection requirements are not very high.

dry sand making

Similarities between the two sand making methods

The main equipments used in the two production lines are the same, i.e. the primary crusher, the finer crusher and the efficient sand making machine are the main parts. The purpose of both is the same, both for the sake of higher quality sand and conforming to the standard of building sand.

Differences between the two sand making methods

1. Different Follow-Up Equipment

Wet sand making is a sand making mode using sand washing machine, which can achieve the roundness of sand grains in appearance and reduce the content of soil.

Dry sand preparation is based on the model of flour separator, which achieves the separation of sand and powder, and ultimately selects the construction sand with excellent quality. Dust will also be collected as a bye-product.

2. Different Applicable Areas

The wet sand method is suitable for many water areas, which are close to the water source. The wet sand method can set up sedimentation tank to achieve the purpose of recycling water resources. At the same time, the fine sand recovery machine can be added to collect fine sand and sand powder in wastewater.

Dry sand is suitable for areas far away from water sources, such as arid areas.

3. Different Investment Costs

Dry sand production line uses high efficiency flour separator to separate sand powder. There is no need to increase the amount of water in the production process, and the overall production cost will be relatively low.

4. Different development times

Dry sand making technology is later than wet sand making technology, which is further developed on the basis of traditional wet sand production line. Compared with wet sand production, this technology does not need water in the process of sand powder removal, so it is called dry sand production line.

Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages:

Sand Making MethodsAdvantageDisadvantage
Wet Sand1. The surface of sand is clean and its appearance is good
2. There is no dust pollution in the production environment
1. Large-scale use of water resources, high production costs
2. Unusable in water-scarce areas
3. Stone powder is thoroughly washed out in the process of sand washing.
Dry Sand1. Reduce the use of water resources and production costs
2. Not limited by water shortage
3. Small area, compact production line footprint
1. During the production process, the dust content is high and the environment is polluted greatly
2. It is necessary to strictly control the content of impurities such as clay and organic matter in raw materials
3. Sand produced by wet process is cleaner and looks better

In actual production, the choice of wet sand making or dry sand making depends on the region and water resources, the cleanliness of raw materials, and the specific requirements of aggregate, artificial sand powder content and fineness modulus. Users should choose according to their own production conditions.


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